Party Makeup Eyeliner Ideas and Tips

Festive makeup Eyeliner

Want flicky black eyeliner ideas much?  That one little line that can transform your makeup into a party look.

Feline flick

I am more proud of myself. I have managed to do the eyeliner! I usually do the soft smoke (see image below) using the Mac Pro Longwear pencil.

I have read that the trick is to do the flick from under your eye, not over and across the the eyelid. However the way I do it is wear the pencil on the top waterline of my eye.

11 Eyeliner Ideas for Stylish Party Makeup

eyeliner ideas party looks

A Little help from Lisa’s Eldridge Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Cat Eyes Tips Just Do It!

The Solution: Scotch Tape Stencils
How To Do It: According to IntoTheGloss Use two pieces of Scotch tape to create a triangle at the outer corner of your eye, then fill in with liner, remove the tape, and you get a perfect flick. Thanks, geometry!
You can arrange the tape however you want, but here’s my rule of thumb:
A) The upper edge of the piece you put underneath your eye should align with both your eye’s outer corner and the outer tip of your eyebrow.
B) The lower edge of the piece you use on top of your eye should align with the center of your iris and then tilt slightly upward. More tilt creates a thick retro wing. Less tilt looks minimalist and modern.

flick eyeliner 10 styles

Cara Delevingne Eyeliner

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