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Party hair details - TrendSurvivor

Party hair details

Shiny, sparkly chic hair accessories for the Holiday “easy” to do hairstyles.

One of my favorites is adding a velvet ribbon to a low ponytail… However, there is much more than that…

Headbands and hair jewels are back… I have a few from the 90s and I have already started incorporating to my second day hair,

When I was in London, I found a great selection of headbands at Anthropologie. I tried them all and ended up getting the Gucci inspired Fiona bee headband.

Ribbon Ideas

Velvet ribbon

It doesn’t have to be black…

Head jewel ideas

head jewels

head band jewels

Crystal embellished occasion headband 

Gold headband

gold headband

Leaf head jewelry

leaf head jewelry

Occasion leaf hair comb

Leaf headband

Satin ribbon

satin ribbon

thick ribbon hair


star through hair pin

Glamorous minimal star through hair pin

confetti stars

Remember, you can always glue a few confetti stars for a fun festive hairstyle.

Or do a deer ponytail…

deer ponytail


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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