Paros Tao’s Center- Meditation and Gourmet Asian Cuisine


Paros Tao’s Center

Sounds surreal but during my stay in Paros I had to try the Asian Cuisine at Tao’s Center. It is a famous Yoga – Meditation Center located in the highest point in the northern tip of Paros Island and a gourmet Asian Restaurant. I really enjoyed my Setzuan shrimps, vegetables with green curry and fresh salmon. Loved the light gourmet taste and can’t wait to go again for lunch and enjoy the outstanding view.

Taos Center Paros
Taos Center
Taos center, Paros

Ran Dagan who…  runs Tao’s Center gave us a tour and explained to us that the weekly schedule cosists of Meditation, Chi Kung, Yoga, Dance and Pilates. The workshops range from healing to yoga and also offer various self development workshops. In case you are wondering,  it is open all year round.

Taos center, Paros, Greece
Taos center, entrance, Paros, Greece
Yoga Taos Center
Taos Center

You can find more here.

Asian style Fresh Salmon at Taos

 I love Asian food and I don’t mind taking a break from traditional Greek cooking to try fresh fish Asian style.

Tel: +30 2284 028882

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