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PAROS Makria Miti : Greek Island Luxury Destination... Elegance - TrendSurvivor

PAROS Makria Miti : Greek Island Luxury Destination… Elegance

The View, Makria Miti, Paros
Pool and Sea
The View

A beautiful Greek Island in the Mediterranean sea, can be the most magical destination on a warm sunny Spring weekend! Alexandra invited me in her stylish villas in Makria Miti, Paros to spend a few days while she is making the final arrangements before welcoming this years’s VIP guests.

I have stayed many times in her amazing seafront luxury houses but this time I was even impressed by her beautiful garden. The scenery is perfect in every detail. Have a look…

Paros Island

Paros is one of the Cyclades island group of Greece in the central Aegean Sea.  It lies approximately 100 nmi (185 km) south-east of Piraeus. The Municipality of Paros includes numerous uninhabited offshore islets totaling 196.308 km² of land. Its nearest neighbor is the municipality of Antiparos, lying to its southwest.

Historically, Paros was known for its fine white marble, which gave rise to the term “Parian” to describe marble or china of similar qualities. Today, abandoned marble quarries and mines can be found on the island, but Paros is primarily known as a popular tourist spot.

Aliki view from Makria Miti

The small village of Alyki has a wonderful assortment of local seaside taverns, restaurants and local shops and is only a couple of kilometres away. In addition, three beautiful secluded sandy beaches are just a short walk from the estate.

Sea-front Villa, Alexandra Skaltsogianni, Paros, Makria Miti

The property consists of three beautiful villas, offering a simple yet stylish surrounding which is in harmony with the landscape and seaside. All houses have outdoor areas with breath-taking views of the sunrise and sunset.

The villas are located in the most exclusive part of Paros Island and offer one of the best settings to enjoy an elegant vacation. With the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea only meters away, these stunning villas allow you to enjoy the magic of the Greek summer.

Villa and Pool
The beach, Makria Miti, Paros
Dining Sea View
Blue sky
Pool and Sea
Luxury Villa
Night View

The villas are built on a 13,000m2 seafront piece of land. Every villa is completely secluded and private with its own outdoor area and fresh water infinity pool.

They are surrounded by a magnificent and unique garden that includes many lovely local trees and flowers. There is also an organic vegetable garden which produces seasonal vegetables and fruits that are used for the meals that are prepared by our cook. Also, fresh eggs are collected on the premises daily.

Living Room
Living Room
View from the pool
Pool Makria Miti Luxury Villa
Veranda Sea View
Welcome to Paros
Alexandra Skaltsogianni

The villas have a lot of character. Alexandra has added her personal touch to everything. From her careful selection of the pastel flooring, ceilings and bathrooms, to the vintage furniture that decorates the large spaces in a chic island way, creating a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere.

Alexandra Skaltsogianni
Alexandra Skaltsogianni
If relaxing in quiet and elegant surroundings right next to the sea is your dream vacation, then these are the ideal villas for you, whether you are with family or a group of friends. You can find more about Greek Island, Paros, Makria Miti Luxury Villa Rental  here.

Instagram Photos

 My room with a view

The Bedroom I am staying now
My view ( Chloe Sunglasses)
Downton Abbey scene

She is such a lovely host… We always have an amazing time … exploring the Island, enjoying the night life or just staying at home talking. This time we have a new obsession, I mean she had it and I got it, too … we are watching Downton Abbey passionately almost every night on our computers.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. My oh my my sweet Nina!! This post found the perfect way to feed my escapism! Beautiful setting and gorgeous so gorgeous landscape!

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