Notes on Family Dinners, Decorating, Food and Fashion!

W Magazine
decor christmas
Chanel Prefall 2012 ... decorating your face and body
table decor

Christmas family dinners are so different now.. they seemed extremely boring when I was young and now I can’t wait to spent some time with my parents and my kids.  I admire all the decor details, love the food and enjoy the wine ( that is new.. I rarely drink alcohol but thanks to my last visit to my sister Yanna in London and a New Zealand lovely white wine called Astrolabe I got a new habit ) . Here are some pictures of this years family dinners mix and matched with amazing shoots of the 2012 fashion pulse.

Elle Magazine


Christmas deco Setting the table is part of the fun and I get a chance to use these lovely plates that I have to wash by hand! Grrr...


Absolute Mix of colors and prints... feel free to wear what you love
Mixing decor with food
My new Love... Lime yellow shade ...Vogue
Wine glasses
Sexy androgynous style for 2012... add a t-shirt
Amazing black metal candle holder
Traditional Green and Red Christmas Decoration
Chanel burger
Love Cartier and Chateau Latour
Julien MacDonald
silver decor
See through metal bag 2012 New York Fashion Week
No comments!!
Jimmy Choo
glasses mix and match


retro futuristic collage
as ugly as it gets... but they taste great 🙂

Melomakarona cooking instructions by Follow the instructions and even if the dough doesn’t look right it is!!! Make them small and trust your cooking talent…

Melomakarona... looking good!!!
W Magazine
salad with pomegranate

That was easy … I just used a salad mix and pomegranate!

salad with smoked salmon fillet
pork fillet with prunes and honey
pork fillet with prunes, honey, and mushrooms served with rice
Oranges in orange juice

Just realized … where is my turkey ??? I am sure I took a picture… I can not find it… anyway didn’t look that pretty anyway!

….Found it!

lady gaga new make up
Christmas Turkey .. tastes better every year!

Happy New Year!

My fashion resolution … I will wear more color!

Fashion 2012 Resolution : I will wear more color probably pink

Love. Health, Success and Happiness to you All!!



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