Not The Classic White Shirt

White All Saints shirt Oliver King Charle's Dog

It might not be the classic white shirt because shirts from All Saints never are but the upper part is classic somehow. I had searched everywhere to find it in my size and I finally found it hidden behind the counter at the basement of a department store, I think it was the House of Fraser in Oxford street. I first wore it that winter with thick leggings and high heel boots and it felt like a jacket but now with the grey Abercrombie shorts it felt more like a short summer dress. I love season-less clothes I can enjoy for years, don’t you?

Side braid Shirt white All Saints

White All Saints shirt Celine

White All Saints shirt and Oliver mirror

Jaslin cat Sunglasses

White All Saints shirt and Oliver nails yellow

White All Saints shirt and Oliver Dog

Miu Miu sandals

Miu Miu sandals, Shirt dress All Saints White

Shirt All Saints,

Shorts Abercrombie and Fitch,

Sunglasses Pepe jeans,

Bag Celine,

Shoes Miu Miu

Photos AF

 Have a lovely Day!!!



    1. Oh! I wasn’t sure about the printed nails especially the colors I chose fluo yellow with grey …but I can’t resist to something new!


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