Nina Griscom Collection for GiGi New York

Nina Griscom collage portrait

Nina Griscom collection specially designed for GiGi New York is an eclectic collection of sophisticated leather bags and accessories that immediately caught my attention when I entered the sponsor’s brand suite, in Dallas.

I have an eye for high quality, stylish things, no doubt and this is no exception. I loved every single piece she designed, especially the black and white bags

GiGi New York, is the new style brand of Graphic Image, famous for their commitment to quality, value, function and originality in everything they produce.

I remember reading an interview of Nina Griscom in W Magazine  about “What happens when a woman who once commanded attention walks down the street and nary a man turns his head? Nina Griscom faces the mirror and manages to smile.”

Why not?

I was really impressed. She grew up in New York in the ’60s and she says she had three interests boys, boys, and sports. She signed with Eileen Ford  and started modeling at a very young age just to gain financial independence. 

 By the time I was 22, I was one of the agency’s top earners, booking ads for Revlon, Maybelline, Clairol, and Saks Fifth Avenue and racking up covers for French Elle, Italian Vogue, and Town & Country.

Nina Griscom for GiGi New York

Griscom in Cosmopolitan, 1977

Griscom in Cosmopolitan, 1977


Cover of French Elle, 1974; a Saks Fifth Avenue ad featuring Jerry Hall, Lisa Taylor, and Griscom, circa 1977

Cover of French Elle, 1974 and a Saks Fifth Avenue ad featuring Jerry Hall, Lisa Taylor, and Griscom, circa 1977

We collaborated with GiGi New York in a Trend Survivor outfit post styling one of my favorite clutches from the Nina Griscom collection and using Dallas as a backdrop. Stay tuned.

Nina Griscom for GiGi New York- TrendSurvivor

Nina Griscom for GiGi New York  Elizabeth evening clutch | Watch Rolex Gold Day Date | Jewelry Stefan Hafner, Polina Sapouna Ellis, Cable heart ring David Yurman

To see how I wore the clutch in Dallas click here

Images-, Steven Schopp (GiGi New York)

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Dear Nina,

    I just wrote you a long email to thank you SO much for writing such a lovely post on my bags!! And somehow it was deleted. VERY annoying. GRRRR.

    I loved what you wrote, and all of the old images that you dug up!!

    I too write a blog, and have been terribly remiss in the name of starting up a new company. I miss writing, and will soon post about my recent trip to Uganda where I was trekking with friends to visit the extraordinary mountain gorillas.

    I love your blog, and am so grateful to you for casting your beautiful light upon my bags. I look forward to reading more from you.

    A million thanks!!!
    Much love,
    the other Nina

    1. Hi Nina,

      lucky me your email was erased because I will have your answer published in my blog. 🙂 I honestly love your collection sooooo stylish!

      I have read your blog it’s amazing and I am looking forward to read about your trip! You are very inspiring!!!



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