Niki’s ruffled white blouse with cutoffs

The long sleeve ruffled white blouse worn with denim cutoffs keeps the delicate balance between chic, romantic and edgy in this perfect summer outfit.

Niki Svolou summer vacation style- white ruffled blouse

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Niki Svolou summer vacation style- Coastal mirrored blue sunnies


Following my sister’s Yanna,  Coastal sunglasses in New Zealand story, comes more from Canadian based brands… and more from my family….

Niki, my 20+ daughter, created the perfect summer vacation outfit with my new Joe Fresh top. No, I kept this one for me … she got the mirrored sunnies…. and the Proenza orange bag…

If you follow TrendSurvivor on Instagram you already know I was with my doggy Spot in Tzia last weekend. We stayed, as usual, at my friend’s Lara beautiful home. She lives in Canada and I was so impressed by her stories and life in Vancouver. I will definitely visit next time I am in La Jolla.

When I told her about my new Canadian brand crush Joe Fresh, she showed me all the cute things she got from their store.

Bummer they are not shipping to Europe but if you are in USA do check them out. I got the wide sleeve blue blouse and this cute ruffled white blouse that has the price of a Gap  shirt and looks even cuter than Isabel Marant’s coveted ruffle-trimmed voile top.

I love how Niki elevated the summer outfit with the Isabel Marant concealed wedge heel Bobby sneakers and the Proenza Schouler PS1 handbag.

Niki Svolou summer vacation street style


Niki was wearing:

Joe Fresh ruffle eyelet white blouse

Blue mirrored sunnies Kam Dhillon 303S from

Denim cutoffs

PS1 Proenza Schouler handbag, pre-loved orange PS1

Isabel Marant bobby sneakers





Ph- Natasa Kost

Have a lovely Day!!!


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