Niki’s Casual Outfits- Only Comfort and Style

Niki- Comfort and Style06

You must have noticed, Niki’s casual outfits always combine comfort with style. She is baby sitting her baby boxer Maximo and our baby cavalier King Charles Spot. They are constantly playing in the garden but Max is so strong we need to keep an eye on them. So cute!!! I mean all three of them.

Niki matched a Gap color-block raglan sweater with Gap jeans bootcut and all star sneakers.

The green aviator mirror Ray-Ban sunglasses are mine….

I love her effortless casual style that she transforms with a pair of high heel casual boots for a night out with her friends.

Rolex watch jewelry

Rolex Submariner watch

Rayban aviator green

Niki- Comfort and Style08

All star sneakers dogs

Gap raglan sweater, Boxer, Cavalier king charles

You can shop Niki’s look either by clicking on the images above or the + signs below. You will be redirected to the most amazing online stores. Please, note that when the garments are from past seasons I try to find similar items.

Photos © me (Trend Survivor)

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