New Zealand | Coastal sunglasses travel to Pakiri Beach

Charmingly fierce, the oversized style Kam Dhillon Coastal sunglasses photographed in one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand, Pakiri beach by my sister Yanna.


New Zealand Coastal sunglasses  Kam Dhillon , Pakiri Beach

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New Zealand Coastal Kam Dhillon sunglasses travel to Pakiri Beach

New Zealand Coastal Kam Dhillon sunglasses

Pakiri beach, New Zealand

New Zealand Coastal Kam Dhillon sunglasses travel to Pakiri Beach

 Pakiri Beach

New Zealand Coastal Kam Dhillon sunglasses travel to Pakiri Beach

After 25 days of absence I finally arrived at my favourite beach ‘Pakiri’.
I feel so blessed to have this paradise 10 minutes-drive from home.
It is this lifestyle which brings me time and time again back to New Zealand and this specific part of New Zealand 1h north of Auckland.

Back in April, through Nina’s collaboration with Canadian company, I was kindly offered as a birthday gift a pair of sunnies of my choice. I chose the ones pictured (Kam Dhillon 301S Matte Taupe) because I was intrigued by the colour and shape. Love them. They have travelled with me to Auckland, London, Brighton, Kent, Lugano and back unscathed!

Weather yesterday was amazingly sunny and warm but fool yourselves not – this is New Zealand in winter and the sea – should I have been brave enough to dip into – would had turned my body into stone. It’s only since my first encounter with New Zealand back in 2004 where I haven’t felt that a summer in Greece is an absolute necessity. The beaches here are endless and peaceful. The water beautiful and pristine yet admittedly rarely this calm.
A Greek photographer friend many years ago told me how mesmerised he was by New Zealand clouds and how it was the only place he’d visited where he felt that the earth was truly round.
When I stand on Pakiri beach and look around I feel the same.

The scarf featured in the shots is from Anthropology bought from Regent’s street in London a couple of weeks ago. Always inspired by the colour, texture and general layout and feel of this particular shop in London.

oversized style Kam Dhillon Coastal

Anthropology scarf, coastal sunglasses

You can shop the scarf here

Yanna Papaioannou, Coastal sunglasses


Greetings from beautiful New Zealand.
Hope you visit one day:)







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