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I am so glad, I decided to attend the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference (IFB CON) in New York just before NY Fashion Week. An unforgettable experience every fashion blogger should try at least once in their blogging life.

Two days dedicated to fashion blogging means lots and lots of information, new ideas, and … business cards. From the gorgeous attendees to the stellar panelists, I have made my list of the top 50 inspiring street style blogger outfits and accessories. Check it out and see what fashion bloggers are coveting this fall.

IFB CON collage Trendsurvivor

With over 78% of Americans using the Internet, traffic numbers are growing. A survey showed that last year Americans, for the first time got more of their news online than in print. The success of the digital industry is great news. Many of my lovely readers are in the United States so being in such a competitive environment just makes me work harder. Which means attending events, meeting people related to the industry and working constantly on creating interesting, engaging content.

I met amazing people during the ifb conference. Jenni, from ISPYDIY is my favorite. (She even made me a wire heart ring.) Approachable and super cute, willing to exchange ideas and give advice. Ok, supermodel blogger Coco Rocha was by far the prettiest woman in the conference (if not in NY) and she is smart too. Loved most of the speakers but fashion editor and best-selling author Derek Blasberg chatting with Coco about writing, blogging, social media and everything in between was incredible. As an MBA graduate, I loved the business side of blogging brought to us by Michelle Mandhok from SheFinds. The party at the Thomson Hotel was super cool too.

IFB CON collage, trendsurvivor




Nina Papaioannou Trendsurvivor at the IFB Conference
… at the IFB Conference

Derek Blasberg with Coco Rocha

Ndoema TheGlobalGirl

Chanel- Jennifer Palpallatoc

Jennifer Palpallatoc from HauteOffTheRack

Christina Plakopita from Netrobe

 Loved Sade Strehlke The Icon Concierge and her stylish mom

Erin Frederick and her Hermes bag

My sky high gold Yves Saint Laurant Shoes you can find here

Gloria from TheGuayabaProject

I would love to be able to be at the conference, fashion night out and fashion week every year! For starters, it’s New York City in September which in itself is a big big plus and hanging out with blogger friends, meeting people with the same passion, exchanging ideas and  being inspired is a necessity. However, it is stressful and tiring. There so many things going on and you don’t want to miss anything. I tried to go to as many places as I could and I know now, why stylish girls are always walking fast in New York City!!!

Trendsurvivor in top USA blog Racked


I was wearing

Top and Skirt in Monaco Blue by Alaia

Leather Jacket Prada

Sunglasses Dolce and Gabbana

140 MM Tribtoo Gold Pumps Yves Saint Laurent you can find in gold here

Kerry Folan from the top USA blog Racked chose me among the inspiring fashion bloggers.

I feel so proud today! 🙂

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. What a great post!! I wish I had been there this year 🙁 However, I fully plan to be there next year!! What a great event!


    1. GREAT!!!!!I want to go there next year too… 🙂 It is the best time to be in New York! I will go also to FABB conference by Lucky magazine!

  2. Nina, it was so nice meeting you at the conference!!! Your passion and enthusiasm are inspiring! Great post, and maybe I’ll see you again in February? 😉

  3. I’m glad I had time to browse your blog a bit more today – love this post. Really wish I could go for the conference in NY!! And such inspiring outfits here too xx

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