New York Hip Boutique Hotel- The Wythe

The Wythe Hotel

If you are looking for a cool hip boutique Hotel in New York that is reasonably priced… The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the right one for you. Fashionable and Stylish! It opened a few months ago and it immediately got lots of attention. I read in the  New York Times ” The dazzling hotel and night life complex, a staple of the Manhattan circuit, has finally washed up on Brooklyn’s hype-friendly shores, bringing with it the kind of crowds eager to finally explore the Next Big Thing.”  The Wythe Hotel started with the discovery of an old factory on the Brooklyn waterfront. It was built in 1901 as a cooperage and now it is a historically industrial building turned into an amazing design hotel where people feel welcome. Ask for Peter Lawrence, the manager, he is incredibly helpful. I was impressed by the service and the stylish contemporary industrial decoration. (You can see more herehere and here) I can’t wait to return soon.

Wythe Hotel Entrance
The Wythe Hotel Entrance
The Wythe hotel Painting
The Wythe hotel Painting near the elevators
Wythe Hotel Chairs
Wythe Hotel Lobby

You can read more here 

The Wythe Hotel Lounge
The Wythe Hotel Lounge
Wythe Hotel lounge
Wythe Hotel library
Manhattan View King
Manhattan View King

This is my favorite room but it’s better to check out exactly what you like here

Press The Wythe Hotel
The Wythe Hotel

Read more here

Alexa Chung “Williamsburg is sort of like my lover, whereas London is more like my husband. I love my husband, and I’ll always be with him, but Williamsburg is so exciting.” Intrigued?

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    1. Miranda I am sure you will love the bar too…amazing view and stylish young crowd.

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