New Year’s Eve Glitter Makeup Tips

New Year's Eve Festive Makeup Ideas1

I am trying a new hairstyle and new makeup today. I am thinking of a kind of smokey eye makeup with a thick eyeliner and ruby red lips. As for my hair, I already told you I am going for the easy twist hair up-do. Being invited to Vassia’s black tie party calls for some extra effort. Stay tuned on intagram@trendsurvivor for New Year’s Eve party updates. I will show what I will wear in my next post.

New Year's Eve Festive Makeup Ideas



The Colorful Glitter Party Eyes by Lisa Eldridge is perfect for parties and New Year’s eve. I am thinking of a gold tone!

Glitter Liner by Urban Decay

P.S. Regarding how to remove glitter from your eyes…

1. Use baby oil and a cotton ball Swipe it gently around the eyes until most of the glitter is off.

2. Take a small piece of scotch tape and dab it around your eyes, so the glitter will stick to it.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Lisa always makes applying make-up so effortless. How do you wash off the glitter is what I want to know. Every time my child comes home with a glitter project from school I find it everywhere including my face.

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