New Spring Cleaning Secrets | Material Wrld Luxury Fashion Trade-In


New Spring Cleaning Secrets | Material Wrld  Luxury Fashion Trade-In Dream closet


Wanna know about a super new amazing trade-in luxury fashion service, I just started collaborating, that helps you get closer to your dream closet?

The Material Wrld trade-in service gives a new perceptive to decluttering and refreshing your closet by making space for new items you love from your favorite shops.

It offers a modern, fun and efficient way for time-pressed and luxury- obsessed shoppers to instantly update their closets while effortlessly extending the lifecycle of their cherished items.

No more waiting until items sell on consignment.

Isn’t this the best idea for economical new season shopping and Spring Cleaning at the same time?


How to get your dream closet


Material wrld fashion luxury trade-in Chanel

What’s the concept?

Basically, you trade-in the luxury fashion items you no longer wear in exchange for upfront gift cards with value from your favorite retailers, including Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Barneys, so you can instantly shop new.

Just, the perfect reward for shopping, dressing and evolving responsibly!

I am currently reading a book, on how to keep your house and closets tidy.

Specifically, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.

The key is keeping only what brings you joy and getting rid of the rest of your belongings.

Which is a great idea because even though my walk-in closet is more or less tidy I have things I do not truly love.

I am sure you have designer items too,  you don’t want to give as gift and you would rather sell and get some money to buy your new favorite items.


About Material Wrld Wardrobe Refresh


New Spring Cleaning Secrets | Material Wrld  Luxury Fashion Trade-In Drew Chloe bag

Wear what you love today. Trade-in what feels like yesterday. Shop for how you want to feel tomorrow, guilt-free.

Material Wrld’s mission is to create an ecosystem where we can enjoy shopping quality products with the comfort of knowing that each item we chose to buy can always find a new home. We are reinventing the shopping experience for consumers and retailers alike by making it as easy to trade-in as it is to shop new, while extending the fashion lifecycle of high quality pieces and reducing its environmental impact.


Why Use Material Wrld Trade-in Service  ?

8 Luxury Fashion Trade-In Benefits


1.  Delight and empower customers by offering upfront gift cards for product trade- ins, incentivizing them to shop new collections and feel eco-good.
2. Guilt-free shopping! Wear what you love TODAY – trade-in what feels like yesterday – shop for how you feel NOW – pay-it-forward plus donate to our charity partners
3. Hassle-free service with quick up front payment via giftcards–no need to wait for your items to sell to get rewarded + NO returns. NOT resale consignment.
4.  Transparent guaranteed price quotes
5. MoreValue: 2-3x more value for trade-ins that thrifts to re-offerings
6.  No Risk: Free shipping + returns, sellers can pass on offers, donate to charity + do good while they shop.
7.  Make An Impact: we match a percentage of each gift card offer as a contribution to charity
8.  Convenience: complimentary valet pick-up and closet cleanout consultation for NYC-based customers (minimum of 10 trade-in items required) + mail-in kit with FREE pre-paid shipping for out-of-state residents

If your closet is overflowing with stuff but you feel like you never have anything to wear, perhaps this is the year you learn how to sell what you no longer want and invest more.

Stop finding yourself feigning excuses and start Spring cleaning your closet.

Imagine how much more enjoyable life would be if you have only the things you truly love.

To ease your path to quality versus quantity closet harmony and make those resale efforts easier.

Join Material Wrld for a convenient way to edit the items in your closet down to what you love as your personal style evolves.

Material Wrld’s innovative trade-in service makes it seamless to constantly refresh your closet and make space for new clothing.

Material Wrld luxury trade-in service


Images-, Stylizimo Blog

Have a lovely Day!!!

  1. Fabulous idea! Wish there was a trade in for maternity jean that I only wore for my last two months of pregnancy! Good luck and wear it well!

  2. What a great idea! I wonder if it’s offered in the US? I will need to find out as I really want to simplify, esp after having a baby and realizing I want a simpler and more streamlined wardrobe. Perhaps I need to read that book too! Great post! xo Elaine

    1. Hi Elaine!!! Yes, you can sign up from my blog and it is only USA for the moment…

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