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The new order of makeup application best layering beauty products

The new order of makeup application

Yes, there is a specific new order of makeup application. The sequence in which you should apply your makeup in the morning (or evening) is very important.

Does it start where we all thought it did?

Kendall Jenner long bob new haircut

1 : According to Vogue’s guide of makeup application you start with the primer first.

Primer makes foundation glide on more easily and helps control issues like redness and pore size. I got The Porefessional by Benefit primer at the airport in London. I love it. It is devoted to making large pores look less noticeable. However, the oil-free formula and long-lasting results have made it a Benefit bestseller ever since its launch in 2011. Now I do know why.

You could apply eye primers and yes, lip primers exist if you want the perfect base.

2 : Then go for the foundation, then concealer and highlighter.

3 : Bronzer and contouring comes before blush.

4 : Eyebrows

5 : Eye shadow, eyeliner then mascara

First to build intensity with eyeshadow. Then use a liner to tidy lids and apply the mascara very last. Applying liner and shadow is easier with bare lashes. Furthermore, you will be able to see how much mascara you will need to compliment the liner and shadow.

Finish with powder.

However the way we apply makeup and in which order differs.

The new order of makeup application

the new order of makeup application

START – Lip balm – Skincare – Primer – Brow powder – Tinted brow gel – Concealer around brows/eyeshadow primer – Eyeshadow – Eyeliner – Eyelash Curlers – Mascara – Foundation – Concealer – Bronzer/Contour – Blusher – Highlighter – Lipstick – Setting Powder/Spray – END

In case you are wondering about sunscreen, it should go on after moisturizer for the best protection.

Apply eye shadow ahead of foundation so any fallout won’t smudge on your face.

Also, remembering to apply highlighter after all cheek products so it blends and really stands out.

Red Lips- The Lisa Eldridge Way

Couldn’t resist adding this video that will teach you all the secrets to wearing a bright lipstick and adding a gorgeous glow to your skin.  A quick and simple Kendall Jenner Vogue makeup look!

Do you have a new way to apply makeup?


Have a lovely Day!!!

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