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Firmoo eyeglasses mat retro inspired

iPhone 6, Hermes Bag, Firmoo eyeglasses

My trendy new eyeglasses from my collaboration with, arrived just in time to take them with me on our trip to Thessaloniki with my kids for my cousin’s wedding.

If you follow Trend Survivor on Instagram you probably already saw them but you didn’t see me wearing them…

I love the mat frame and the retro style shape. They were my favorite because they don’t look like the classic presbyopia glasses. I used my doctor’s prescription when I placed the order and I am impressed with how well I can see.

I also use them when working on the computer. They are really lightweight and comfortable.

No wonder, is the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store. Check them out their prices are extremely attractive and the styles super cool.

TrendSurvivor Firmoo retro inspired

Trend Survivor, Acne leather jacket, Firmoo eyeglasses

You can find my retro inspired style here

Thank you for reading!!!

Photos © me and Niki Svolou

Have a lovely Day!!!


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