New IN Perverse Sunglasses

I am celebrating national sunglasses day sporting my new cat eye black Perverse Sunglasses in Granville Island, in Canada.


Granville Island Vancouver 1

Perverse saunglasses

Granville-Island-Vancouver (1)[br]

The stylish ultra-affordable line, has already been spotted on It-girls such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne.

Niki, my daughter, without even knowing chose the ones Rihanna was wearing so you will see those when I get back in Greece.

My Perverse Sunglasses arrived just before my flight to Vancouver. They are seriously fun, high-quality at a price point that’s pretty unbelievable. I got them for $45.

The founder of the brand Toni Ko, sold her first company, super affordable NYX Cosmetics, to L’Oreal for a sum rumored to hover around the $500 million mark.

She told IntoTheGloss : “I passed by an optical store that reminded me of Sephora, full of high-priced multibrand items, and thought, ‘Why isn’t there a store that’s like a MAC store, but for sunglasses? With an American brand at a great price point?’”

“There’s something very special about putting on sunglasses,” Perverse Sunglasses founder Toni Ko told Stylecaster, “because it’s like you’re hiding behind something, but it gives you a sort of secret power. Wonder Woman’s bracelet is like the equivalent of sunglasses.

I usually get my secret power from Celine ( see here and here ) but Perverse sunglasses did the trick today!

Happy National Sunglasses day!


Which Perverse Sunglasses styles celebrities chose to wear?


emma-robertsEmma Roberts was wearing Acid Black


Kendall JennerBeyonce Perverse Sunglasses

Beyonce wearing Perverse Sunglasses round Madness sunglasses

suki-waterhouse perverse sunglasses

Suki Waterhouse


Have a lovely Day!!!


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