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New in Closet- ZARA- Ready for... Resort 2013 Trends - TrendSurvivor

New in Closet- ZARA- Ready for… Resort 2013 Trends

Zara Red Pants Brocade

Hi girls! I am so happy with my smart finds from Zara. As I promised to you yesterday, I took pictures of each item in my Zara shopping bag. Just to remind you I had decided to follow 5 Resort 2013 Trends  and you can see my designer whish-list herehere and here. It is a big list! 🙂 Well, it all boiled down to, for the time being at least, to an amazing floral Gucci lookalike tailored jacket following the Printed jackets Resort 2013 Trend, a red brocade fabric cigarette pair of pants from the new collection to create Total Red Outfits, a peplum white skirt for the hot Peplum Trend, a pair of red Chloe lookalike boots with spikes and a stone embellished t-shirt. Soon, I will post pictures of how I will update my wardrobe with these 5 items…


Kenzo Store Total Red


Zara Red Pants green leaves


Gucci Resort printed floral


Zara Floral jacket Multicolor


Peplum skirt yellow

Zara peplum white skirt magnolia

Zara white Peplum skirt and magnolia flower


Chloé Susanna Studded Buckle Boots Kate Bosworth

Chloé Susanna Studded Buckle Boots red

 Chloé Susanna Studded Buckle Boots black

Zara boots Red Chloe look alike


 Have a lovely Day!!!



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  1. wow, you got amazing things! I went to 3 different zara stores in my quest for greatness and could not find A THING! I think it all sold out so quick 🙁

    ♥ ThankFifi

    1. I went immediately when the sales started….the first and second day!!! 🙂

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