New in Closet- Valentino Studded Bag or Shoes?

Valentino Shopping bag,  dog Oliver (King Charles)

With all those pictures from my extra long weekend cruise around the Cycladic Islands I almost forgot to share with you what I finally got on sales from the Valentino store. You know how I love sales and 50% off was tempting!!! Do you remember my Instagram pictures where I was torn between the white studded Valentino handbag and the flat edgy studded ballerina flats? Are you wondering about the verdict? Well, Oliver is for sure…

Valentino Spring- Summer 2012 Studded snake leather flats

Valentino Spring- Summer 2012 Studded white leather handbag

Oliver Dog ( King Charles) sleeping

Oliver went to sleep.. he will find out what I got on sales, later, because I need to take a decent picture of my purchase!!!

 Have a lovely Day!!!



    1. Elsa, the impulse purchase would be getting both but I did make a choice 🙂

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