New in Closet- Top Red Moire Chanel Nail Polish

Trendsurvivor- Chanel  595 nail Polish01

Rouge Moire Chanel Nail Polish

Remember I told you all about the new winter color nail polish trends? It was all about the right shades of red... with the right amount of sparkle and shine.

The absolute right shade of red for me and … star manicurist Marian Newman is… the new Chanel Le Vernis 595 Rouge Moire. I bought my Red Moire Chanel Nail Polish from Boots.

I was all into comfort shopping this time in London, most of you know I was very sad because of Oliver…which basically meant, spending time in cosmetic counters trying eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polish colors and smelling perfume. I never realized buying a new nail polish and a perfume could actually make you feel good. Amazing…

Trendsurvivor- Red Moire Chanel Nail Polish 595

The original formula ensures rapid drying and lasting hold. Le vernis has an original formula composed of special resins which contains bioceramides of natural origin for their hardening action. A precise concentration of solvents gives a hard, resistant, gloss film. You can buy it here and here

Sex and the city

Chanel Rouge Moire

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  1. Buying new cosmetics makes me feel good too, especially lipsticks. The Chanel nail polish is great, love this shade of red too!:) Kisses Nina, take care! xo

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