New In Closet : My SS 2012 Neon Love

Miu Miu fluo pink sandals and Neon yellow jumper

Hi Girls !!! My SS 2012 Neon Love just started… I went shopping for brights on Saturday despite the bad weather conditions. Pink and yellow neon colors are my favorite this season so, I added to my wardrobe a yellow neon Zara jumper I had seen in London a month ago and a pair of bright neon pink Miu Miu flat sandals!!! Can’t wait to wear them…
Neon yellow jumper
Zara jumper
Miu Miu fluo pink sandals and Neon yellow jumper
Miu Miu Sandals
Asos Pink sandals

These Carvela bow sandals are so cute.. Find here 
I am definitely getting them in silver.

To be continued…
Have a lovely week!
  1. >Nice scandals! Thanks for your comment on my blog. There's a LARGE ad space giveaway until Friday in case you wanna enter.
    Have a great day 🙂

  2. >Exw parei kai egw to kitrino pouloveraki apo Zara kai einai ontws katapliktiko! Ta Miu Miu sandalia exoun to pio teleio xrwma gia to kalokairi! Me geia!

    Filakia polla
    Out Of The Box

  3. >I follow back my readers and it seemed that I wasn't following you … ?! So I thought we where not following each other… hmm that's strange … Thank you for visiting me, Aurelia!!!!

  4. >I just saw in your blog we got the same jumper!!! 🙂
    Megia kai se sena!!!

  5. >Thank you for your comment and for following me… I always follow back my readers!! :)))

  6. >My dear Veronica, thank you for your lovely comment! Happy to hear from you :))

  7. >Thank you for your lovely comment!!! Of course we can follow each other … just leave me a message so I can follow you back!!!

  8. >Beautiful things hun!!!! From today weather is getting better here in Greece, so u'll be able to wear those pretty colors very soon!;)


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