New in Closet- Isabel Marant hidden heel Sneakers

 Isabel Marant hidden heel Sneakers

It took me years to finally decide that the Isabel Marant hidden heel Sneakers are right for me. In the beginning I wasn’t sure I liked them, they seemed too balky compared to the Converse All Star I usually wore. After a while, I didn’t like them because every stylish fashionista was wearing them. It had become like a uniform. However, at some point I was convinced I needed them too… but they where constantly sold out and I could not find them in total black. Now, more than seven years after Isabel Marant first launched her high top Bekett trainers and after every major designer shoe brand has created some version of hidden heel sneakers, I have them in black suede in my closet. Just to let you know I got them in the begging of summer at net- a- porter and now they are not on their site in black anymore but I have to admit that olive taupe kind of green isn’t bad either.

Isabel Marant hidden heel black sneakers

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the 46 year old Parisian bohemian chic designer said she never dreamed of being a big designer. However, while once Sofia Coppola and Gwyneth Paltrow were among the informed few, seeking out her Paris shop along with the fashion editors and stylists, she now has 13 boutiques around the world and she will be launching her Isabel Marant for H&M collection soon.

The Iconic Isabel Marant hidden heel Bekett Sneakers

Trendsurvivor- Casual Chic Fall 201308

They are extremely comfortable just as the white Betty sneakers I got this spring.

Stay tuned I will show you how I wore them for Fall…. in a warm Mediterranean climate 🙂

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