New In Closet : Guess What? It is Here … Finally !!!

The cambridge Satchel Company packaging

 Hi Girls!!! Guess what? It is finally here… I had butterflies in my stomach when I received the package! I waited 39 days… but it was definitely worth it! I will style it over the weekend… more posts coming soon. Stay tuned…
The cambridge Satchel Company packaging
Have a lovely Weekend!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!



  1. >Μόλις σήμερα κατάφερα να παραγγείλω την ασημένια 13'' και την περιμένω με τρελή ανυπομονησία!!!

  2. >I can't wait to see! And I love your slippers, it looks great with that nailpolish. Where are they from?

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  3. >Oh! You bought a satchel! Can't wait to see wich color and size you chose! I've been wanting to buy one in neon green since last year and I keep postponing it!

    Many kisses
    Out Of The Box

  4. >Haha I was more decisive :))) If you order it now it will take more than a month… you might be bored of brights… by then.

  5. >Ahh youre so right, the last layout IS always the best! i just have a bit of anxiety haha! How often do you change yours?

    WOW ! a satchel!!!!!!!! im so jealous!!! <333 how are you going to style it? 😀

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