New in Closet- Fancy the Cat Inspired Fashion Trend?

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Slippers- cat inspired fashion
Charlotte Olympia cat inspired fashion

I don’t know what I wanted to share more, my new Charlotte Olympia irresistible handmade kitty slippers, the best cat inspired fashion statement shoes or the video with our dog Oliver expressing his love for our black cat Ninja?!  Anyway, you tell me what you like more… Mine and fashion’s cat fancy is more than leopard and tiger prints this year…

Ninja black cat and Trendsurvivor

Before Ninja I was not that fond of cats but now I can’t stop taking pictures of his cute poses and I have started liking other people’s cats too. MEAW

Oliver (Dog) Loves Ninja (Cat)

The Charlotte Olympia Kitty embroidered animal-print calf hair slippers are my first purchase for Fall- Winter 2013-14. Cute lookalike Suede Flat Shoes with Cat Embroidery and Leopard Print Details here.

Charlotte Olympia kitty leopard slippers

Animal prints are a huge trend again this season and I needed a stylish flat pair of shoes to update my everyday outfits. It seems a fashion frenzy has started with feline inspired garments. To make my point clear, just remember the Miu Miu’s super fun chic cat prints that were all over the Spring runway. The Feline print Miu Miu satin statement pump is still my favorite. Kenzo’s tiger sweatshirt, Eugenia Kim’s Caterina hat and the Brian Lichtenberg Féline sweatshirt … all cat inspired.

My flat shoes are embroidered with a gold cat’s face and I plan to wear them with everything from jeans and sweaters to midi 50s skirts for a chic fun twist. Yes, you will see me in those to this fall.

Charlotte Olympia Kitty slippers drawing


Ninja black cat

Photos © me Instagram

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Submitted to the IFB Project #111: Get Fancy with Féline Inspired Fashion

Have a lovely Month!!!


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    1. Noooo Ninja acts annoyed he loves him too. When he doesn’t want something you can tell.

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