My pastel lavender jacket

I feel it’s time to move on from brights to pastels. I am inspired by the Spring Summer 2012 collection of Alessandro Dell’ Aqua and Louis Vuitton. I am ready for clean fresh lines and perfect muted shades. Soft white and pale lavender are my new loves and this a sneak peak of my next outfit. I got this amazing Moschino jacket on sale a week ago, for 30 euro believe it or not. Stay tuned…

Moschino lavender jacket
button Moschino


1940’s Vintage Singer Sewing Machine
Singer retro ad


Diagram of parts of a sewing machine


Had to find a diagram to see how the part of the sewing machine is called that the buttons of my Moschino jacket are made off. Well, my buttons are actually 15. Bobbin cases/ bobbins… Genius!!


Have a lovely Day!!!




  1. Wow what a steal!!! I love the blazer and the color is so pretty. I do love all of the pastels that have been coming out for spring!

    PS. I’m having a resort swimsuit giveaway on my blog. Pass by to enter, I think you’ll love it.

    1. Thank you V !! I am trilled with my steal … maybe they thought something was wrong with the sewing…

    1. I bought it at the Simply Character Bazaar… in Kiffisias Avenue… Sidera Halandriou!!
      PS I will come by your blog and asap

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