New in Closet- Celine Sunglasses

Celine Flat top brown

Even though I already own a pair of Jimmy Choo flat top sunglasses, I could not resist adding the most coveted Celine flat tops to my sunglasses collection. The Celine Audrey  are by far my favorite sunnies ever and I have a feeling the Celine Skate D-frame sunglasses will be my second best.

I am so happy I found them they are selling out fast! Amazing British designer Phoebe Philo impressed me again with her contemporary luxurious minimalism.

According to Vogue., Phoebe Philo said after her supremely elegant Céline show,“I really went on instinct and desire, if I can create any kind of desire, that’s great.” Do you like?

Celine flat top

Celine shadow sunglasses

Flat Top sunglasses Celine


Celine flat tops 2

Celine sunglasses 2013JPG

Celine Skate D Flat Top Sunglasses


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