New in Closet- Book Earrings

earrings books

While I am working on my casual off duty outfit post, I will show you a pair of amazing earrings I got during my visit to Melbourne. In a crazy jewelry and accessories store on Flinders Lane which had tons of tiny different earrings Yanna, my sister, spotted these super cute book earrings for me. The price was something under $30. It was a no brainer I bought them immediately. So, here they are next to my grandmother’s old French Larusse dictionary. Stay tuned I am wearing them in my next post.

Earrings books

Are they heavy? No!

Have a lovely Day!!!


    1. Good question. I will have to see if I can find the receipt and I will get back to you!
      It was in near Collins street.

  1. Hi Michele,
    I asked my sister and she remembers it was on Flinders Lane. If I find the name of the store I will let you know.

    1. Thanks. I am from Melbourne and visit each year. I now live in San Diego, California.
      I love your website.

      1. Michele, I am so happy you love my blog. My sister was trying to find the name of the store by doing a google search- Flinders lane but she hasn’t seen it yet. If you walk the street you can’t miss it. It is full of costume jewelry.

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