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Ayala Bar Earrings

Actus jewelry shop bracelet

Greek designer necklace

Actus-jewelry-shop neutral summer outfit

Actus paros fish

Ayala Bar earrings earth tones

The day I went jewelry shopping in Paroikia, Paros I got the most amazing earth tones pair of Ayala Bar earrings.

Last year I bought a pair of byzantine replica earrings   from “Talisman”, a stylish fine jewelry shop in the heart of Paroikia.

This year I went to Actus, a Greek store that has jewelry collections from Greek designers. I discovered this store last year, when I got a pair of white coral earrings .

I tried on a few but couldn’t resist the attention to detail and unique ethnik inspired aesthetic of Ayala Bar. The Tel Aviv based artist’s jewelry has a contemporary feel, yet reminiscent of the bygone eras. I am hooked to her creations! 

Regarding Paroikia Paros shopping tips… Visit Yria for amazing unique Greek ceramics, Antiques Paros Yvonne for shabby chic antique furniture and more, Angle’s for contemporary Greek and international designers, Ada Kamara for vacation mode apparel and Jet black for cool sunglasses and boho beach bags.

Ayala Bar Earrings Online

I found a wide range of Ayala Bar earrings on Amazon at reasonable prices. Love this amazing Ayala Bar Necklace from the Spring/Summer 2013 Classic Collection

Photos © me (Trend Survivor), Vasiliki Malli

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  1. Hi Nina
    I’ll be in Athens this week and was wondering if there’s anywhere there that stocks her gorgeous pieces? I hope so 🙂
    Thanks, kim

    1. Hi Kim,

      there is an Art store at “Golden Hall” Shopping Mall on the first flour that stocks Ayala Bar.

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