New in closet- Peter Pilotto X Target

Peter Pilotto for Target black and white skirt

I already showed you what I like, from the new Peter Pilotto X Target collection here . However, I only showed you some of the items what I got on Instagram@trendsurvivor .

Even though we had a big debate with my sister “Icelle” whether these are actually designer’s quality products or cheap imitations with the designer’s approval sold in a super market like Target. Eugene Rabkin, editor-in-chief of StyleZeitgeist magazine, makes the case against fast fashion collaborations. You can read it here. However, I have already expressed my opinion about this type of collaborations on an article regarding the Martin Maison Margela collaboration with H&M, here.

Basically, I believe you can find items that are representative of the designer’s style and are relatively good quality. I am happy to buy them and style them with expensive accessories and I think they look super cool.

Peter Pilotto Target and Prada flower sunglasses

Flower Sunglasses Prada

Peter Pilotto for Target floral sneakers


Peter Pilotto at Harvey Nichols

Peter Pilotto Spring Summer 2014 at Harvey Nichols

In my next outfit post I am wearing the Peter Pilotto X Target black and white geometric print skirt for the Architectural tour at the Salk Institute in La Jolla.

Stay tuned…

Photos © me (TrendSurvivor)

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