New in closet- Bright Pink Mini Tote by Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff Gypsy05 dress

Dress Gypsy05 | Handbag Neon Pink MAB mini tote Rebecca Minkoff

My new handbag designer crush is Rebecca Minkoff and her mini tote. I feel in love with this bright mini cross-body tote the moment I saw it at Bloomingdales in Fashion Valley. Rebecca Minkoff is living in New York and is an industry leader in accessible luxury handbags, accessories, shoes and apparel. 

Remember I took pictures of my favorite window displays at the San Diego Mall for my post here ?! Did you think I left empty handed? I bought this beauty called MAB (Morning After Bag) Tote Mini in neon pink you can find online here and on sale half price in green here.

By the way I read in

Rebecca Minkoff is partnering with Keek, a social sharing platform for video. Beginning today (Monday), Minkoff will take her social media followers behind the scenes on her New York Fashion Week journey, uploading multiple videos per day leading up to her show on Friday, through which she’ll share her thoughts and runway show preparations.

You can click on the + sign for the bag

Get the Mini MAB cross-body tote

I know, I know… it is hard to choose. First I wanted them all, then I was confused wanted none, then I sent a picture to my daughter Niki and she said I should go for the pink. Between us now I want the gold one too… or the silver… ?… Which one do you like?

Rebecca Minkoff and Louboutin pigalle nude

Stay tuned my new Gypsy05 dress is coming up soon.

Just a reminder, when you visit Gypsy05 and use the promotional code- TRENDSURVIVOR you will get a 15% discount on all your purchases. Check out the Gypsy05 sale for markdowns up to 70%.

Photos © AF, me (Trend Survivor)

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  1. I really love Rebecca Minkoff too! She has such great handbags and shoes. I just love pink, I can see how it could have been hard to choose! I may have to follow your lead and pick up a hot pink bag 🙂

  2. Love it! Was going to go with an RM for Spring but recd a 100 dollar off reward from Coach so I opted for a coral colored Coach instead.

  3. I absolutely adore this purse! I bought it myself about half a year ago. It’s so versatile and goes to everything.

    I used your picture in my recent blogpost (credited, of course) – if you want me to take it down I’ll do so right away. The Rebecca Minkoff bag looks fab in hot pink though! Made me want to get another one.

    1. Thanks June!!!! I love it too… I think I would like it in black or beige too…

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