Neutral Nude mid-heel Shoes Edit

Niki, my daughter, asked me to get her a pair of neutral nude mid-heel shoes. She wants me to find her just one pair of sandals with heel hight 6 to 8 cm that will match her cocktail dresses for her upcoming evening invitations.


ankle strap minimal sandals

She is the exact opposite of me when it comes to heels. She wants one pair of shoes to match all outfits, all occasions…

Well, I realized plain nude mid-heel sandals are not that easy to find.

From Christenings to weddings to garden parties if you want to invest in just one pair of shoes it has to be a mid-heel neutral.

I am loving the new M.Gemi taupe color block heel sandals. They call it the city sandal but you can dress it up or down. Plus, they are extremely comfortable, handcrafted, limited edition and reasonably priced…

These minimal ankle strap sandals from Asos are a bargain.

Neutral Nude mid-heel Shoes Edit

The  Nude mid-heel Shoes Edit

Have a lovely Day!!!

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