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Enjoy some breathtaking antique Indian jewelry from our visit to the National Museum in New Delhi.


The National Museum New Delhi necklace


Even though this museum is not among the top 5 attractions in New Delhi if you love art, fashion and jewelry it’s a place you should definitely visit.

In 2014 the National Museum reopened its permanent jewellery gallery, Alamkara, after an entire decade. Founded in 1949, the collection throws light on the history of jewellery making.

Note, that some ornaments bear the stamp of regal heritage while others were ones used in common households. The oldest artefacts go back to 2,900 BC, belonging to Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, the most important cities of the Indus Valley civilization.

The permanent exhibition was curated by India’s only jewellery historian Usha Balakrishnan.


Diamonds and emerald necklace The National Museum New Delhi, Antique Indian Jewelry


National Museum New Delhi Antique Indian Jewelry00


National New Delhi Museum necklace

India diamond bracelets


chocker diamond Indian necklace

diamond jewelry

jewelry antique

Jewelry National Museum

jewelry Museum

Indian ancient jewelry

National Museum- New Delhi bracelet Antique Indian Jewelry00

diamond bracelets India


But the National Museum of New Delhi is not only about antique Indian jewelry. It is one of the largest museums in India and holds a variety of articles ranging from pre-historic era to modern works of art.

The gallery has objects from the 4th century BCE to the 1st century BCE. It has objects spanning three major dynasties; The Mauryas, the Shungas and the Satvahanas. Objects in the gallery have Greek influence characterized by the mirror like finishing.


National Museum- New Delhi Antique Jewelry India00

Miniature painting National Museum New Delhi


The Museum has over 17,000 miniature paintings. The gallery is divided according to the places and time where the schools of arts flourished. The paintings show the rich heritage of Indian Miniature Paintings.


art student

India Museum art student


Important note for Jewelry lovers: Do shop at the The National Museum store. They have amazing silver gold plated jewelry reasonably priced.

Stay tuned, I will show you what I got soon….

Source- Times of India, Reuters

Images- Me, Claire Tsalouchidis-Hadjiminas, Reuters

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