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Nathalie's Stylish Dinner Story - TrendSurvivor

Nathalie’s Stylish Dinner Story

Nathalie Kyrousi-Van Gilder

I have Nathalie’s stylish dinner photos in a file on my desktop waiting to be edited and posted before I travelled to England. Now that I am back from spending almost a whole month in London with my sister Yanna, Nathalie is exploring… Tanzania.

Anyway, the photos are from her awesome dinner party. Nathalie’s (Kyrousi-Van Gilder) hospitality and  table setting abilities are impressive. As for the food, it was beyond delicious. The menu included shrimps with artichokes my favorite dish and fresh Mediterranean fish. I wish the quality of the images was better but using a flash makes pictures even worse. So here is the stylish dinner story…

ISV home decor

The house is amazing her husband Alexander Van Gilder (cofounder of ISV architects) is one of the most talented architects in Greece, known for his contemporary style and minimal aesthetic.

Trendsurvivor- cat hat

Nathalie Van Gilder- home

table setting black and white

Semeli white Greek wine


Fish 2

Gina, Nathalie and me had to work it, as the invitation said “dress to impress”. Which for Gina meant wearing a skirt, for Nathalie wearing her amazing sandals, a smart find I am not sure she wants me  to share 🙂 and me wearing an understated elegant white silk dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim and an avant garde cat ears hat.

Nathalie, Nina and Gina

Gina Poulidou

Gina Poulidou

Nina Trendsurvivor- White Phillip Lim dress

Photos © AF, me, Nathalie

Have a lovely Day!!!


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