Natasa’s (1 Style, 2 Beauty and 2 Decor) Secrets

I hope you enjoyed Natasa’s outfit post yesterday because today I want to share four of her stylish secrets. One is about fashion, two about beauty and two about home decor.

1. Fashion Secret- How to add a few cm of heel to casual flat boots

Frye veronica boots extra heel

If you read her outfit post here I am sure you realized she has a minor case of boot mania. So her fashion tip is that you can make the Frye Veronica casual flat boot higher. My sister Yanna was complaining how it would be her absolute perfect pair of casual boots if it had a few cm higher heel. Ask your shoe repair professional to do it. It can easily be fixed.

2. Beauty Secret- Use L’Oreal Intense hair repair

Loreal best hair conditioner

This is actually, Natasa’s mother beauty secret. Use the L’oreal Intensive repair as a hair conditioner . A very small quantity will go a long way. I tried it and love it. It is relatively easy to find but if you want to get it online, I found the lowest price, you can click HERE.

3. Beauty Secret- Vitamins for healthy hair

Vitamins for hair

You must have noticed… even though Natasa’s hair is almost ash blonde it looks healthy and shiny. Well, I had to ask her… how she does it. She told me she takes vitamins D, C and E every day.

3. Home Decor Secrets- Add a sheepskin rag on your chair

chair with rug

Wether it is a faux animal skin rug or a real sheepskin is up to you but they will both add a sophisticated look to your home. I like the idea of using on the chair to add comfort and style. You can find the sheepskin rug HERE . The bag is Gucci, just in case you were wondering and you can find it HERE.

Babmar furniture and sheepskin rug

By the way, check it out they have super cool modern outdoor furniture. We went to the warehouse the other day to see Natasa’s paintings and I loved the designs.  They have a sale now you can see here what I like, plus they ship worldwide.

4. Home decor secret – Use Ikea shelving units inside your cupboard

Ikea hangers and drawers

Natasa used drawers, hangers and shelving units from Ikea inside her cupboards.

Stay tuned there is one more of her outfits coming up next week.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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