Shades of Pink

Hi Guys!!! Here are the names of the nail polishes I used to create this crazy pink nail look. I used MO, Essie and Oppi. According to OPI’s creative director, it takes six people eight hours to name twelve shades of nail polish. For the brand’s Fall-Winter 2012 line, which is German-themed, the staff sat in a room and ate German food for inspiration. Amazing and the names are so tiny I almost couldn’t read them. Anyway,  Oppi’s nail polish for Fall-Winter 2012-2013 is inspired by Germany, because “Berlin is the hottest city in Europe right now”. Their Germany range includes “Don’t Talk Bach To Me”, “sassy lime-yellow”), “Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!” and “Every Month is Oktoberfest”.

Multicolor... Pink
YSL Pink Tribute Sandals and Dark Pink Nail polish

Even though I painted each nail a different color in my hands, I used the darkest of all for my toe nails.

Finger Nails

(starting point thumb nail)

Oppi NP 049 Kiss my tulips,

Oppi 142 Elephant Pink,

Oppi H44 Dim Sum Plum,

Essie 50 Pamploma Purple,

Jessica 091 Purple Burst

Toe nails

Essie 50 Pamploma Purple

Hope I inspired you to be creative with colors and solved your problem when you want to use more one color 🙂

Have a lovely day!!!





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