Black nail polish gold

Give your nails a sexy and entrancing look this fall! I chose my favorite cool nail polish ideas for fall 2012-2013 and plan to try them all. You probably know about the solid metal nail polish trend, available in all possible color shades from gold to metallic blue and shimmering green. Gold is my favorite. At Alexander McQueen we saw the return of the French manicure. I love the new wintery versions created by pairing warm tones with metallic tips! I just ordered the glow in the dark nail polish set with a variety of four eye catching colors. The glow in the dark nail polish is perfect for black light parties, not that I go to that many but I liked the idea.

French manicure black
French manicure in mate and shiny black
French manicure red
French manicure red with metallic tips
Nails Neutral with pearls
Purple Nail Polish in three tones
nail polish glow in the dark
Glowing in the dark nail polish

You can find it here

Anna Dello Russo H&M red nail polish
Anna Dello Russo with her H&M accessories and red nail polish

I will keep on loving this fall, the classic red nail polish matched with a red lipstick. So neo-classic! By the way I can’t wait to buy the turquoise clutch from Anna Dello Russo’s accessories collection for H&M,  to be launched on October 4. I am preparing a collage of my favorite 7 items from her collection!

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