The LBJ …. The Little Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket

Hi Guys!!! I am hunting for the perfect bomber jacket!!! Till then I will wear this Zara Floral LBJ  (Little Bomber Jacket) as it is the absolute season trend and looking at the pictures it looks really cute… I wore it with a pair of leather shorts I got on sales from Oasis, this winter in London and couldn’t  find the guts to wear them with tights and high heels… 🙂

Bomber jacket
Floral Bomber Jacket
I made this ring ... I will show you how in another post...
Bomber jacket


Floral Bomber Jacket
Leather shorts




Manolo Bhlanik


Zara Floral


black leather shorts


Floral Bomber Jacket outfit


Bomber Floral Jacket Zara,

Leather Shorts Oasis,

Belt  Ferragamo,

Top Prada,

Bag Celine,

Sunglasses Chloe,

Shoes Manolo Bhlanik

Have a Lovely Day!!!





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