My LookBook- Marni for H and M (part 3)

Coat Marni H and M bag Celine

Hi Girls!!! Did you think I would just leave you with a potato post, today?? Oh no!! Here is my Marni for H&M coat I found a few days after everything was sold out,  in Athens!! It was hanging in the dressing room of H&M at The Mall Athens that did not carry Marni. It was my lucky day because someone had just returned this coat and a body ( Marni for H&M part 4) in my size!
Coat Marni H and M bag Celine
Marni for H&M
Coat Marni H and M bag Celine
JBrand black skinny jeans and shirt detail
floral.Coat Marni H and M bag Celine
Got this romantic Silk Floral blouse at  the Jack Wills shop in King Road.
Mint necklace
nails, Coat Marni H and M bag Celine, ring Christofle
Silver Ring Christofle
 Coat Marni H and M bag Celine, ring Christofle
Coat  Marni for H&M,
Shirt Jack Willis,
Boots Acne,
Jeans JBrand,
Bag Celine

 Have a lovely Day!!!



  1. >Ola einai poli oraia, ma i CELINE sou Bag einai to die for! Eisai koukla, kai to xereis!!! Filia, Vanda

  2. >Thank you!! Of course we can follow each other.. just lave a message when you do so I can follow you back 🙂

  3. >Thanks!! I learned a lesson … at H&M always look for treasures in the charging room rail…

  4. >You look so lovely and chic! What a great piece of outerwear that is! Love it!


  5. >Μια κουκλα! Εντάξει για την τσάντα δεν έχω λόγια! Το Marni at H&M παρκά είναι φανταστικό!

    Φιλάκια πολλά
    Out Of The Box

  6. >I am dying over your Celine bag!!!
    Its the epitome of all the bags, it masters over the others!
    Great choice:)

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