My LookBook : Marni at H and M … Got it!!! (part 2)

Marni shoes Outfit, High low skirt

Hi Girls!!! As you might have realized I am obsessed with the Marni at H&M collection and I am so happy I got these amazing leather wedge sandals. An edgy style with a signature dose of Marni minimalism that I wore with a Zara high/low skirt, a Cos neon top and my mother’s vintage Cesare Piccini handbag. However, I plan to wear them with… everything!!!… I have a terrible hangover after having an unforgettable risotto with grapefruit made by the Padespani blog team and a ton of tsipouro. They will post the recipe soon… Can’t wait!! But, I will never drink so much tsipouro again… never, never, never…

Marni shoes
Marni shoes for H and M
Love the green details of the Marni for H&M leather wedge sandals
Marni Wooden heel Shoes Outfit red and lime
Marni Wooden heel Shoes Outfit red and lime
High Low skirts are so cool!!
Earrings, Outfit red and lime
My belt is a actually a necklace … and my earrings are by a Greek designer but I can’t remember her name right now… It will come… I will add it later!
Earrings with red tassels
Yes!! The Greek jewelry designer is called Liana Kourti.
Oliver King Charles dog AND BLACK CAT Ninja
Ninja and Oliver… piece at last…
High and low Skirt Outfit
High and low Skirt Outfit
Skirt : Zara
Top : Cos
Shoes : Marni at H&M
Sunglasses : Armani
Velvet Bag : Cesare Piccini
Earrings : Liana Kourti
Have a lovely Sunday!!!

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