Outfit Diary- In Love with Isabel Marant Tribal Navajo Jeans


Navajo jeans Isabel Marant London
Navajo jeans Isabel Marant in London
Hi Girls! This is that one pair of jeans that totally dominated fashion blogs as most of you already know! Although there are many printed pairs in the shops these White Navajo embroidery skinny jeans from Isabel Marant are ones that I fell in love immediately.
Navajo jeans Isabel Marant London
Navajo jeans Isabel Marant
It is freezing cold in London!
Navajo jeans Isabel Marant and Isabel Marant Boots
In Love with Isabel Marant Tribal Navajo Jeans
Jeans Navajo Isabel Marant,
Cardigan Cashmere Cobalt Blue Sportmax,
Boots Isabel Marant,
Handbag Blue Bottega Veneta
The tribal print and the combination of colors made all the difference for me. I was not planning to buy them because I was afraid I would get bored and would not wear them next year… having paid 440 euro 🙁 …
Jeans Navajo Isabel Marant
Jeans Navajo Isabel Marant
Well, as time went by and I saw lovely girls creating different amazing stylish outfits, I loved them more and finding them half price in my size made them irresistible! I have to admit Olya http://modafile.blogspot.com/ my blogger friend, played a role too with her comment and she was soo right! 🙂
Jeans Navajo Isabel Marant
Jeans Navajo Isabel Marant
Definitely love them rolled up with Manolos or Louboutins!
Have a lovely Life!

  1. >I really like these kind of jeans! They're so unique and trendy! So glad to see so many different ways of wearing them! 🙂
    Have a beautiful day!
    Good luck!


  2. >Oh thank you!!
    I am wearing them with black uggs now… and they look just fine! :)))
    Have a beautiful day too!

  3. >You rock this look! And I didn't know you had these? Although I should have guessed they were in your amazing closet somewhere 😉


  4. >Ps- I am now following you on Bloglovin, and not sure why I hadn't already been following you on there? LOL

  5. >Thank you Miranda for your lovely compliment… but at the moment the navajo jeans are inside my sister's washing machine in London and I am really worried what color they will come out because last time my jbrand waxed black cargo pants came out cloudy sky gray!

  6. >LOVE that pants!!!!! So nice!
    One question:
    Fits it true to size? What size do you wear normally and what size do you have
    from this Isabel M pants?

    Hope to hear from you!

    saskia-pauline.blogspot.com 🙂

  7. >love them! i saw them in the sale, but thought they were'nt timeless enough to spend so much money on. After seeing you're pictures i thin i'm wrong 🙂

  8. >Haha, Miranda, that is a sweet comment !!! You know I love your blog and your style!!! :)))

  9. >Thank you Saskia-Pauline for the comment!

    Regarding your question…
    Haha What is my true jeans size?? What is normally with jeans??? In each brand I have a different size…
    JBrand I wear 27 but my true size I would say is 28 even though I have a pair of Rock Republic that are 26!!!
    I wear Isabel Marant size 1 or 2 depending on the pants… These Navajo jeans are size 2 but I could fit in size 1!


  10. >Thank you for your sweet comment!!!
    That is exactly what I thought when I saw them but then they haunted me in my sleep so I had to have them… I think whenever I will wear them I will see they are special!!

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