My Lookbook : How to wear trendy gold metallic jeans during the day?!

Golden Waxed Jeans and black accessories
Golden Waxed Jeans and black accessories
Hi Girls! It is so cold today … for Greek standards I mean, that I would not think of wearing anything else but my warm, cozy uggs. It took me a while to get used to them, I am the always wear high heels type but once I wore them for a day they become my flip flip equivalent for winter.
Cayenne Porsche
Cayenne Porsche
It is not my car… but it would match my outfit 🙂
Juicy Couture Cashmere cardigan
Juicy Couture Cashmere cardigan
My hood is a cashmere Juicy couture jacket my mother bought for me last year and the t-shirt is Zara.
Ugg Black golden pants Prada bag
Black Prada Bag
Black Uggs with button, Zara gold pants and Prada handbag.
Marc Jacobs leather jacket
Marc Jacobs leather jacket

My leather jacket is Marc Jacobs and I got it this year at the Rakas Fashion Party Bazzar for a small fraction of it’s original price…  lucky me!

Boots : Uggs You can find here
Pants : Zara Gold
T-shirt : Zara Black gold
Handbag : Prada
Jacket : Juicy Couture
Leather Jacket : Marc Jacobs
Have a lovely fashionable week!
  1. >Nina you look amazing (as always…)! I have the same pair of pants and I didn't know what to match them with in order not to look too extravagant! I also wear high heels all the time but you made me change my opinion about Ugg boots! Maybe I'll try them…

  2. >According to Greek standards u're doing fab job here!;) Great jeans hun!!
    In order to celebrate its first b-day I'm having a giveaway on my blog- Glam Chameleon Jewelry necklace. Check it out, maybe u'll like it!!;)
    Jelena (

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