Back to the 80’s Alaia and Vintage Fur

animal print bag
animal print bag, Alaia skirt
Hi Girls! My Christmas outfit is animal prints all over again. Updating my vintage Alaia skirt and top with the animal print handbag saved me money and added a contemporary feel to the outfit. My Ninja was sleeping on the bag but woke up as I was taking his picture. I am not a cat lover but this one … oh! he is adorable!!!
Animal print vintage fur bag and Alaia skirt and body
Animal print vintage fur bag and Alaia skirt and body
Alaia is one of my favorite designers !!! I must have worn this skirt more times than I want to remember!
The top is a body in the same color.
The handbag is from an antique store… and it has taken some work to look almost new.
Got new highlights… by the way!
fur jacket
fur jacket
The fur jacket belongs to my mother but she does not wear it anymore, lucky me…
YSL Shoes
YSL Shoes
The tights are Wolford!
Vintage Alaia Outfit
Vintage Alaia Outfit
Did not regret yet buying these YSL pumps 1/2 price and 1/2 a size bigger…
Happy Holidays!!!! See you next year!
  1. >So amazing clutch ! And lovely fur !
    Kiss and Happy New Year ! x

  2. >I haven't noticed this post sooner, since christmas vacations were too busy, but you look fabulous in this outfit.
    I laughed a lot with the 1/2 price, 1/2 bigger šŸ™‚
    kisses (again) šŸ™‚

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