How To Update a Dress? Add a Detachable Collar!!!


Hi Girls! Feel in love with this Pinko collar the moment I saw it on a cobalt blue sweater… Love at first sight no doubt.. fortunately it was detachable and sold separately too. I have worn it in several occasions as you will see in my next posts plus it saved the day at the Pinko-10 Years Glamour VFM Live Radio event at the Mall in Athens, a few weeks ago! It transformed my 10 year old exte leather dress to an up to date outfit… 🙂

Vintage Celine burgundy handbag

Add a collar to updated your dress
Add a collar to updated your dress
Found on the web some more detachable collars I liked. From diamonds to fur and from beads to spikes all decorated collars add an edgy cool preppy style that will instantly update dresses or sweaters.
Nina Papaioannou, Vogue 2011
Nina Papaioannou, Vogue 2011
Vogue January 2012
Nina Papaioannou and Paulina Sarri editor-in-chief of Glamour
Me with Paulina Sarri editor-in-chief of Glamour
Here I am with Paulina Sarri editor-in-chief of Glamour, Lucky and House & Garden magazines.
Have a lovely Day!!
  1. >your blog is amazing!!!!! i am follower!!!!!!! i fall in love with your post!!!!!!! super!!!

  2. >I love wearing my clothes for years and I guess my hobby is to update them.. each season!

  3. >ITS AMAZING!! i have been trying to find one for myself too but all of them seem to cheap and fake.Of course im not aiming to a dolllar one ! Yours looks great though!!

  4. >I love collars, though I haven't purchased anyone yet. I think I'm going for the leather studded one (the 1st).

  5. >I love this collar! I still haven't been able to get myself one but I am desperately seeking it. Lovinng your blog and style and definitely following on GFC and bloglovin! Looking forward to your posts

  6. >The collars are a perfect way to spice things up a bit! Have you seen the ones that will be apart of the Karl line for Net-A-Porter? Soooo rad 😉


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