My Lookbook : How I wore my tailored Mulberry leather jacket?

Mulberry Leather Jacket Outfit

Hi Girls!!! I was sure it would have a nice weather yesterday and I was really disappointed when I saw it is raining… again!!
Here is a winter outfit that I wore to go out for dinner with friends a few weeks ago.
Seeing Ninja getting in the picture made me smile!!!
Nine West Purple Shoes, Miu Miu Dress, Ninja
I was not a cat person till I met him. ( Ninja )
Mulberry Leather Jacket
The leather Mulberry tailored jacket has a grey-ish brown-ish shinny color that matched the tone of an Miu Miu dress I got years ago in Istanbul at one of my favorite stores Beymen.
Mulberry Leather Jacket Outfit
Dress  Miu Miu,
Jacket Leather Mulberry,
Shoes Purple Nine West,
Bag Animal Fur Vintage from antique shop
Have a lovely day!!!
  1. >Hey sweetie! GFC makes me a lot of problems lately, I tried again to follow you, please let me know if it works!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  2. >I just saw someone followed my blog today! I thought maybe it was me??!!
    Oh!!!Don't worry Laura we will keep in touch!!

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