My Lookbook : How I wore my Sky High Red Alaia Sandals!


Alaia Sky high Red Sandals
Alaia Sky high Red Sandals

Hi Girls! I love shoes and especially high heels! I flirted with these red Alaia sandals for some time, but they where so expensive even on sale… Lucky me, I had a dentist appointment and I was early so I had a look at All About Shoes in Phychico and there they where for less than a third of their original price in my size… last pair! Got them….

Odd Molly Jeans
Odd Molly Jeans
Odd Molly Jeans, Alaia red sandals
Odd Molly Jeans, Alaia red sandals

Matched them with boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket.

Odd Molly Jeans, Alaia red sandals
Odd Molly Jeans, Alaia red sandals

Our cat Jaslin…

Odd Molly Jeans, Alaia red sandals
Odd Molly Jeans, Alaia red sandals
Jacket Tod’s
Jeans Odd Molly
Shoes Alaia,
Handbag Prada
Have a nice day!
  1. >gorgeous heels and jeans!!
    μη μου πεις οτι εισαι ελληνιδα!!

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  3. >Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog 🙂
    I love your blog and you now have a new follower and like on facebook!!
    Amazing shoes !!

    – Sydney xo

  4. >Thanks for your lovely comments as well 🙂 I am now following and your lovely blog!


  5. >that sandals are so wonderful ! love the bright red and love the way you styled !


  6. >i love your red shoes dear. and your bag so match with it. 😀 come and join my giveaway. follow my blog if you love it. i will follow you in return. 🙂

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