My Lookbook : How I wore my silver Zara pants

Silver Pants Chloe Boots

Thomas Brown Meteor
Thomas Brown Meteor
Hi Girls !!! No my outfit was not inspire by still life photographer Thomas Brown, but this picture of scrunched-up paper matched my outfit!! Besides, after posting the amazing Balmain statement jacket I thought I should post something interesting with my minimal outfit. I wore my silver Zara pants, again, this time with my favorite Chloe booties and a white silk blouse. Minimal but I love it!
Silk Shirt Silver Pants
Silver Coated Zara Pants
Silk Shirt Silver Pants
Chloe booties
Silver Coated Jeans Look Collage
Silver Coated Jeans Outfit
Silver Waxed Pants Zara,
Brown Bag Bottega Veneta,
Blouse Silk Zara,
Shoes  Chloe,
Cat  Jaslin
Have a lovely weekend!

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