Casual Chic : Red VS Black

Bordeaux  Jeans outfits
Bordeaux Jeans outfits

Hi Girls!!! Stretch skinny jeans are the most comfortable pants after leggings. You can easily, dress them up or down depending on the occasion. This is a casual outfit I wore to go shopping with a friend.

Plexiglass necklace vintage
Plexiglass necklace vintage and Multicolored sunglasses

Plexiglass necklace

Savatore Ferragamo jacket
Savatore Ferragamo jacket
Chloe Black leather bag
Chloe Black leather bag
Lanvin ballerina flats
Lanvin ballerina flats

Bordeaux Jeans Outfit
Bordeaux Jeans Outfit
Jacket  Salvatore Feragamo,
Pants  Teil Weijl,
Shoes Ballerina flat Lanvin ,
Handbag  Chloe,
Sweater Gap
PS. I hate my bag… it is so heavy!!!
Have a lovely day!

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