My LookBook- Caribbean Mint Colored Sea and Mint Colored Swimming Suit

 Caribbean Mint Colored Sea
Caribbean Mint Colored Sea
Hi Girls!!! I guess you can understand why every time I look at the pictures of my trip to the Dominican Republic last week, my heart skips a beat. I just realized my swimming suit has the exact same color with the sea, plus exotic plants…
exotic plants Caribbean
Exotic plants Caribbean

Catalina island

Nina Papaioannou Swim wear
Nina Papaioannou Swim wear
Swimming Suit : DENPASAR Beachwear from Argentina
Caribbean Mint Colored Sea
Caribbean Mint Colored Sea
Have a Lovely Easter Day!!!


  1. >You look stunning:-) Amazing pictures, would love to be there!
    Great blog and photos!
    Check mine and let me know if you would like to follow each other:-)

    Check my new post

  2. >I hope you had a lovely Easter! I think you look gorgeous and your swimsuit is perfect!


  3. >Yes I had a lovely time but ate so much .. I don't think I can wear this swimsuit soon….

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