My little Beauty Sectret- Ruby Red Rebel Lipstick

My little Beauty Sectret- Red Rebel Lipstick 3

Another thing I learned in Australia from my sister Yanna, is a perfect almost red, almost oxblood lipstick by Mac called Rebel. Have you tried to follow the oxblood red lipstick trend and felt like a vampire? I know, I have. This lipstick gives a trendy dark shade of red without the brownish tone that makes your teeth look yellow. My nail color this week is a matching red tone by Misa 215 called “that’s my secret” . (Beat’s me why it looks so red in the first picture.) Couldn’t resist taking a picture of our cat Jaslin while Diana was doing my nails.


Photo by Kuba DabrowskiRuby red lips Paris Fashion Week

Photo by Kuba Dabrowski- Ruby red lips Paris Fashion Week


My little Beauty Sectret- Rebel Lipstick 1

Photo by Charlotte :

Boy Chanel bag in just the right shades of red.

Photo by Charlotte /

My little Beauty Sectret- Red Rebel Lipstick 2

Have a lovely Day!!!


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