My Byzantine Earrings

My Byzantine Earrings-0000

My Byzantine earrings are 13th-14th century exact replicas. I fell in love the moment I saw them at “Talisman”, a stylish fine jewelry shop in the heart of Paroikia, in Paros. Most of the jewelry is designed by Hara Kouragiou and produced in her husband’s workshop. The ones I chose are also sold at the Benaki Museum in Athens. However, if you plan to visit Paros you must stop by her shop because they have some incredible handmade jewelry.


If you are interested to learn more about Byzantine Jewelry there is an amazing book called ‘Intelligible Beauty’: Recent Research on Byzantine Jewellery (British Museum Research Publication) Noel Adams (Editor), Chris Entwistle (Editor)

My Byzantine Earrings-0002

Not that I knew when I bought them but the field of Byzantine jewelry from 4th to 15th centuries is rapidly expanding. A large amount of important research has been conducted within the last ten years by scholars, both on the continent and in America. Chris Entwistle has been the curator of the Late Roman and Byzantine Collections at the British Museum since 1985. Dr Noel Adams is an independent scholar who has published widely on the metalwork and jewellery of the Early Middle Ages.

My Byzantine Earrings-0004

Silver Gold-plated Byzantine Earrings (Prices start from 70 euro)

Talisman Jewelry Shop

Paroikia, Paros

Tel: +30 22840 23168

Photos © me (Trend Survivor)

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Hi Nina, they are truly amazing and precious, love them! With them, every simple outfits have a super classy touch! Have a good day, kisses! xo

        1. Thanks Caroline. The shop had incredible designs but this one was reasonably priced too.

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